1) Online store opens by 9am and closes by 7pm (Monday- Saturday)

2) Pick up starts by 9am and ends by 4pm (Monday- Saturday)

3) All delivery fee within and outside Lagos (except south west) must be paid before delivery

4)No refund, exchange only in good condition

5) Exchange can be done in 48 hours only. Should Incase you have issues with your purchase kindly update us within 24 hours, by doing this, we may have gotten other means of selling your return Incase it was initially sold out.

6). Endeavor to bring back your RETURN Same way it was sold to you (completely packaged) RETURN AFTER 48 hours won’t be TAKEN.

7) StockPiling maximum duration is 14 days, kindly note we won’t be responsible for any goods beyond 21days.

8) Delivery in Lagos is within 48hours after sending delivery details
Delivery outside Lagos is within 72hours after sending delivery details
Northern areas takes within 3-5days
Pick up is after 24hours of informing us you want to pick up

9) kindly inform us if you don’t receive your orders within the speculated time… Also inform us as soon as you receive your goods

10) kindly note that we take orders only the Website

11) Any complaints about your order and goods should be forwarded to us within 24hours